Foster Parent Financial Assistant Help

Financial Assistant Main Screen

Foster Parent Assistant is an application for foster parents. It provides parents with a single application for tracking the many different types of information they are expected to keep up with. The main application allows parents to track many different types of information. However, the main application is incomplete. Therefore, parents may purchase add-ons to go with the main application. Each of these add-ons will extend the functionality of Foster Parent Assistant in some specific area. This allows foster parents to choose only the add-ons they find helpful in keeping up with their foster children.

Foster Parent Financial Assistant is one of these add-ons. Foster parents often expected to keep track of the finances associated with the children in their care. Sometimes financial records are required by the foster care agency. Other times the parents may simply wish to keep track so that they have some idea of how much they are spending on their foster children. Either way, Foster Parent Financial Assistant should do the trick.